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Looking for marketing mentorship?

We offer free 1:1 marketing mentorship for everyone who wants to grow personally and professionally. Marketing experts from different backgrounds and specializations offer their time for you to schedule a session with them, and ask them about how to grow your marketing career.

Sessions are available for individuals at any point in their career: either you are a marketing student, just landed your first job, or already have some years of experience. 

Find a marketing mentor of your choice, schedule a free video call, and grow your career.

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What to ask a mentor

What to ask your marketing mentor?

Do you start your marketing mentorship, but you are not sure which questions to ask your mentor?
We prepare some topics you can ask a marketing expert about, and gain valuable advice for your career growth.

What mentees say

Thank you so much for this initiative, I really appreciate it.


I admire my mentor and I believe I can learn so much from her.

Anonymous mentee

It was an amazing session, she really helped me align with my goals and provided me with great ideas I could implement into growing my business. She was kind, helpful and I walked away from the meeting with a clear actionable plan for my business.

Anonymous mentee

It was a very good experience! My mentor gave me a lot of tips that I can now apply to my CV and in my job searching procces.


I'm very happy that I could find marketing mentors in this moment of my life.


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