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What to Ask a Mentor?

Are you thinking about scheduling a mentoring session, but you are not sure what to ask your mentor? No worries, here you can find some ideas about what to discuss in a session.

CV check

Use the opportunity and show your resume to a professional with a lot of experience. Many employees with senior positions are part of the recruitment process, therefore they know what is important to have in your CV, and what is a red flag.

Therefore update your resume before your mentoring session, share it with your mentor and ask for constructive feedback.

Interview tips

As mentioned, many professionals are part of the recruitment process for junior roles within the company. Besides that, all of them have great experience of interviewing of their own.

Use your time with a mentor and ask for some job interview tips & tricks. Find below some examples:

  • I have an interview coming up. What are some interview questions and other things that I need to know about to nail it?

  • How do I prepare myself for performance reviews?

  • This is my pitch for a short introduction, (...). What is your feedback, do you have any comments?

Career Development Guidance

  • Where should I be networking?

  • Who should I connect with to improve my career prospects?

  • How can I be more strategic in pursuing my career goals?

  • What decision netted you the most success in your career?

  • How can I refine key skills for my career?

Introduction of Marketing Tools

  • Which marketing tools do you find most useful at your work?

  • Comparing tool A to tool B, which one do you find more efficient?

  • If you use tool A at your work, could you tell me more about it?

  • If I want to pursue my career in the same specialization as you, with which marketing tools I'd work on a daily basis?

Tips for Skill-Building

  • How can I develop the right amount of discipline to achieve my goals in this industry?

  • What are some necessary skills that I should develop to grow in my career?

  • What are some things in your career that you regret not having done earlier?

Do you have some ideas now what to ask your mentor? Go to the subpage of available mentors, and schedule your free session!

Photos taken from Pexel.


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