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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do when a marketing mentor does not show up?

Try to contact your marketing mentor via email and wait for additional few minutes. If he or she does not show up, be understandable because maybe something important occured. Reach out to your mentor via e-mail and schedule another session.

What are things you are NOT suppose to ask a mentor?

Our guidelines are strict with any attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; or even conducting any form of consulting for commercial work. We work closely with our mentors and will investigate into any cases reported by mentors and mentees.

What exactly is a mentor supposed to help with?

Your mentor will help you with the topic he/she mentions in the description.

It is very encouraged to write few sentences to a  marketing mentor about what you would like to talk about when scheduling a free 1:1 meeting via the calendly link.​
It is beneficial that you prepare the exact questions you would like to ask.

Can I schedule more than one meeting with the same mentor?

If your mentor agrees to have further sessions with you, you can of course schedule more than one meeting, and you form a mentoring program. But keep in mind that the platform was created with an aim to provide mentoring to everyone, so each session is planned for another individual.

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