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Victoria Perea-Usher

Vice President, Marketing Communication at JCB International Europe

Results-focused, highly driven, and passionate strategic marketer. Specializing in E2E business to business marketing, with broad commercial marketing experience across; B2C and B2B, brand partnerships, loyalty, full event execution, marketplace insights, building CRM strategies, and value proposition development.

I have an eye for creative development, with nearly two decades of financial services experience, marketing premium products for global payment card networks. I love working in a multifaceted business where I can translate business challenges into actionable marketing strategies.

I am interested in mentoring young women, how to gain confidence and for general advice - get rid of the voice inside your head that says you can't do it.

Areas of expertise / I am mentoring:

  • Career advice,

  • Marketing & Growth,

  • Marketing Tools,

  • Marketing Strategy.

Languages: English, Spanish.

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Julia Fesenko: TeamMember
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