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Sunju Park

Business Development Director at Philips

I'm a passionate / adventurous marketeer who doesn't mind throwing oneself into a new challenge hence that led me to be based in my third home, Amsterdam since this year.


My career has been developed in the field of International business/marketing across Headquarter level - Regional - Market level for the past 13 years that offered me tremendous opportunity to explore different parts of the world. This continuous journey in this exciting function has taught me to be more resilient, adaptive, flexible but very open to any challenge in the business or life and learn from it.


I personally love my job because of the beauty connecting people and work out the topic with people.

Areas of expertise / I am mentoring:

  • Career advice,

  • Marketing & Growth,

  • Marketing Strategy,

  • Life-partner finding alongside professional career

Languages: English, Korean.

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Julia Fesenko: TeamMember
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