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LinkedIn Networking: How To Reach Out

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with people, expand your network and use the connections for your career. However, you cannot just spam new connections, and you need to have an appropriate approach. After reading this article, you will get more inspiration on how to reach out to someone, and receive a warm reply.

Many LinkedIn users struggle with reaching out to new connections. And when you finally send out that message, you want to receive a positive response, right? No one wants to be ghosted, ignored, or even reported. That is why you need to have the right approach. Let's have a look.

First, you need to have it clear - with whom to connect on LinkedIn

The main goal of LinkedIn is to expand your professional network and to establish your personal brand within the industry.

Therefore when sending out requests for a new connection, who do want to target?

There are some examples with whom to connect:

  • People that you just met

  • Recruiters working in your dream company

  • People with similar or senior job responsibilities

  • People you admire from your industry

Okay, now you have it clear who to connect with.

Now comes the difficult part - writing a message.

In the message, you have to get to your key point quickly. What do you want to ask?

  • Are you asking about a job?

  • Do you want career advice?

  • Do you want to talk with someone in your desired industry or company?

Make sure you’re asking for one single thing in your first cold message, not multiple things.

If you ask for too many things or ask too many questions, it’s going to become too complicated and overwhelm the reader.

In your message, suggest scheduling a short call in the following days. You can leave it open for them to suggest a timeslot, or you can also propose a timeslot - "Would next Wednesday at 3 PM work for you?".

Let's deep-dive into three situations how to contact someone on LinkedIn, with provided templates for you to send messages right away.

1) How to Reach out to Someone on LinkedIn About a Job

Reaching out to recruiters or potential colleagues on LinkedIn is a great way to stand out as long as you do it right.

Write a short message where you:

  • state that you are interested in the vacancy,

  • mention why you are a perfect candidate for this job,

  • ask for a short call to discuss details for this vacancy.

Therefore, in a short message, you introduce yourself, become an interesting candidate and you might get a direct first round of the interview.

Remember, do not begin with “Can you get me a job?”. You need to start a conversation first.

Here's an example:

Hi (Name),

I came across a vacancy by (Name of the company) for (Position e.g. Social Media Manager). It sounds really interesting as I'm looking for a position like this and I already have prior experience in (e.g. digital marketing).

I'd like to ask you some questions about the recruitment process and your experience in the firm if you have 15min in the following days.

Thank you, (Your Name)

2) How to Reach out to Someone on LinkedIn for Advice

Use your network or new connections for your professional and personal growth. Reach out to people you think could guide you.

In your message, you need to be direct and specific, and mention:

  • the reason you are reaching out,

  • your question.

Here's an example:

Hi (Name),

I saw on your LinkedIn profile that you transitioned from a (Job Role) to (New Job Role). I've been planning a similar transition and I'd love to hear about your experience, and if you have any advice. Would Tuesday, March 8, at 3 PM suit you?

Thank you, (Your Name)

Hi (Name),

I’m impressed by how quickly you advanced from (e.g. Marketing Manager) to (e.g. Head of Marketing) at (Company) over the past six years!

Are there one or two things you did that you feel contributed most to this success? I’m hoping to follow this type of career path myself, so I'd love to hear about your experience if you have 30mins of your time in the following days. Would next Wednesday work for you?

Thank you, (Your Name)

3) How to Reach out to Someone on LinkedIn from your Desired Industry or Dream Company

Sending a note to someone who is already employed in the field you’re eager to be a part of is always helpful, especially when you’re making a career change. Chances are good that he or she is connected to other people in the industry–some of whom might even be hiring.

In your message, mention that you admire their work, and you want to make a career change towards that company or field.

Here's an example:

Hi (Name),

I came across your profile as I noticed you work (at ABC company). This sounds really interesting, as I would like to work there too.

I'd like to ask you some questions about your experience in the firm and way of working, if you have 15mins of your time.

Thank you,

(Your Name)

What now? Practice!

The steps and samples above should provide a good starting point for reaching out to people about jobs, but it’s important to test a few different approaches and see what works best for you.

The best approach for you will depend on your location, field, and experience. Also, since a lot of people are going to be reading this article, you don’t want to be sending out the same message as everyone else. :)

Do you want to get additional advice on this topic or related one? Schedule a free mentoring session with a mentor of your choice on our platform.

Photos taken from Pexel.


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