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How to fill the firm to become a mentor

How to fill the form for mentors: Job Application

General information

Please fill out all mandatory information. Your full name, current job, and short description will be shown on a subpage Mentors. On your personal subpage more details about you will be presented, including the topics you mentor and a link to your LinkedIn profile and your calendly link.

Write your description in a way to present your specialization and to give mentees a picture of which topics you are interested in.

Personal calendly link
Calendly link is a way how a mentee schedules a session slot with a mentor. It is on a mentor's side to create a personal link. You as a mentor decide when you are available for sessions. The recommended time duration of one session with one mentee is 30 minutes. It is a mentor's decision when to offer sessions - could be twice per week, once per week, or only once per two weeks, as it fits each mentor best.
Strongly recommended is as well to include a short paragraph for mentees to fill about what they want to talk about during a session. Therefore a mentee thinks about questions for a mentor, and as well mentor has an opportunity to prepare for the conversation.

Referal of another potential mentor
The goal of this platform is to create a strong community of marketing professionals, we would appreciate it if you can refer another individual as a new mentor.

How to fill the form for mentors: Text
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