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Chin Wu

Marketing Director at Lenovo

Chin Wu has 15 years of experience in brand marketing, strategic planning and implementing integrated marketing campaigns based on insights and analytics.


She has been marketing consumer electronics for almost 10 years, and is currently head of North America gaming at HP, where she brought a nonexistent brand to a category leading brand. She launched HP’s gaming brand OMEN in 2016 into a billion-dollar business and established the brand to #3 top of mind in the PC category.


She drives innovation with speed, spearheads brand partnerships and has won numerous brand activation awards. She is a people manager who leads with ambition, driven by purpose, passionate about developing great team cultures based on strategic alignment and collaboration.

Areas of expertise / I am mentoring:

  • Career advice,

  • Marketing Strategy.

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese.

Julia Fesenko: TeamMember
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