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Aung Thura

Chief Strategist

Consumer Engagement that go beyond advertising. Troubleshooting our client’s brand issues and finding the right mix of marketing communication activities that solve them.


My agency does Insight Development to Engagement Planning all the way to Creative Concepts and Activation.


Also working with a network of experienced regional and local experts. Who works on our client’s brands is important – and we find the right partners who are good at what they do and ‘fit’ the brand’s needs.

Areas of expertise / I am mentoring:

  • Marketing & Growth,

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Branding (Brand Positioning, Strategy etc...),

  • Marketing including Research but not Sales,

  • Advertising (Comm Strategy/Planning),

  • Anything agency related.

Languages: English, Burmese

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Julia Fesenko: TeamMember
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